Bespoke Decorations designed and installed for Commercial and Retail properties



Have you ever been so caught up in the magic of Christmas, making everything as perfect as possible, that you end up losing the ability to simply sit back and enjoy yourself?

Bringing the magic of Christmas into the various corners of your life is a skill which requires a delicate balance between fun and taste. It is something which requires planning and research, and an understanding of how to optimise the appearance of space without completely filling it with sparkling colours.

Our team is built around the core year-round partnership of Dave and Dawn, the owners and driving force behind the business. In the height of the install season however up to 25 seasonal extras (our ‘elves’), help us make all of your visions and decorating dreams become a reality.

The truth is Christmas decorating is something we live and breathe most days. We spend our year planning and preparing before the big rush when we get on the road and put all our plans and ideas into practice. We started the Berkshire office in 2015, operating under license to the largest nationwide company of its kind ‘The Christmas Decorators’. It gave us the freedom and creativity to channel our skills into something we enjoyed. We each take on our own side of the business to ensure that every interaction is both professional and effective.


We meet with you, listen to your requirements, and discuss colours, styles, materials to suit your preferences.

We also discuss available installation dates as well as the methods and fixings to be used.


Our creative team then start bringing the design to life!

We pre-construct as much as possible offsite and on the agreed install date, our skilled team expertly, safely and quickly install the decorations.


During the year, we check all decorations to keep them looking the best, also ensuring they are safe and working.

If a fault does occur during the festive season, we will return to rectify the issue quickly.


As soon as Christmas is over, we move all decorations as swiftly as when they were put up. We can store them carefully ready for the next year saving you storage space.



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