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Our team of Christmas decoration specialists operate across Birmingham and the Midlands to design, create and build festive installations for events, retail, commercial and residential clients.

Customers wanting to add that very special something to their festive celebrations rely on our discretion, enthusiasm and expertise. We work with them to plan and install displays which have been tailored to their needs.

We have a reputation for high-quality work and excellent customer service, with clients that include hotels, casinos, bars and restaurants, retail stores, business headquarters, residential as well as private homes. Testimonials can be provided, if you require them.

We’re part of the national network of The Christmas Decorators, so if you’re not in our area but would like to find out more you can either follow the links from this website or contact us for more information.


Whether you run a residential home as a business, or you’re simply planning on making this year’s family Christmas extra special, the Christmas Decorators Birmingham can help you make your celebrations really sparkle.

We can supply and install garlands, trees and lights and displays to dress up your living space, indoors and out. And what’s even better, you’ll not have to worry about broken bulbs or baubles, or tangles of lights as our staff will take care of all the work for you, according to the plans agreed with you beforehand.

Once the New Year is over, our team will come along and take everything down, tidy and pack it away, and then place it all into storage.

Give us a call to discuss what it is you’d like to have and allow our experts help you to have a  show-stopping Christmas in your own home.


Our team members each have a background in business and we know how important Christmas and New Year is for every company.

The festive holidays are one of the busiest trading times of the year and we understand how crucial it is to look your best, giving your staff and your customers the best possible experience so they know they’re valued.

Festive decorations can go a long way towards making your business shine over the festive period. We can work with you, discussing what it is you’d like to have, including bespoke decorations, and then work up a design and installation plan that will help to set you apart from your competition and make your festive season one to remember.

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