The Covid 19 pandemic has been a testing a time for us all in many ways and we wanted to reassure all our customers that we are still open for business.  We are focused on delivering Christmas 2022 in the safest and most Covid aware manner and,  that at all times we will follow the latest government guidance on preventing steps that we should be taking.

All our employees are actively encouraged to stay alert and take precautionary measures when interacting with customers to prevent the spread of Covid 19.  These measures include, but are not limited to the following actions:

  • All Staff are “Covid Aware” - Training and guidance has been given on signs and symptoms they need to be aware of and are advised to keep themselves up to date with the latest Government guidance.
  • All Staff have disposable gloves and facemasks available and are encouraged to use them when deemed necessary or when government guidance deems it a requirement.
  • We continue to maintain the 2m social distancing guidance in all client/team meetings both in and out of our offices.
  • All visitors to Christmas Decorators HQ are sent a copy of our Covid 19 policy and are expected to follow all the guidance included whilst visiting our premises. We have made available Facemasks, Gloves and have hand Sanitiser locations at all key points around the office available for use for to all staff and visitors.
Covid-19 – The Christmas Decorators