A guest wants nothing more than to feel like a piece of home is with them when they arrive for their latest stay at a hotel. Make sure your clients are reminded of their homely Christmas spirit the moment that they set eyes upon your location. There’s a reason that prestigious hotel brands such as Raddison, Hilton and Intercontinental keep returning to us. There is nobody better at creating a perfect Christmas display to accentuate the quality decor of any hotel.

We understand how much pride you have in your hotel. We want to create an exterior look that makes your guests fall in love before their stay has even begun, and makes any passer-by desperate to ensure that their Christmas is spent with you.

Once guests enter the lobby, this is the chance to really amaze them with an aura that they won’t forget. Everybody begins and ends their stay here so make it an area that blows them away. Whatever your needs are, you can rest assured that no other hotel will have the same design as you. We uniquely create each project so that every client has their own perfectly tailored theme. If you have multiple locations, our teams across the nation can ensure that every branch is on-brand and dressed to perfection in a matter of hours...

Nothing makes us prouder than seeing the public delight at our work. We want your hotel to be the place everybody can’t stop talking about. We’ll be as thrilled as you are when your centrepiece becomes the hit of the year on social media.


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