Nothing brings together a town or village quite like Christmas. When it’s time for the big switch-on, nobody else’s decorations have the power to amaze a community quite like ours.

The Christmas Decorators don’t send teams from hundreds of miles away to work on places that we have never seen before. Nor do we subcontract our work to other businesses. We have set up over 50 offices across the U.K. in order to have our own dedicated staff in every region. Our teams live and work in the same area as you, no matter where you are from. We pride ourselves on always being local and always being knowledgeable. We know your town just like you do.

Therefore, when we erect Christmas displays, we don’t only see them as your decorations; we see them as our own. Not only will it be your friends and family who are wowed by our work, it’ll be our family and friends too.

We will work together with you to provide work that will benefit the whole community. You let us know what aspects of your town you want to show off most and we will implement the designs to make your dreams a reality. We also know how important it is to watch expenditures when decorating a town, which is why we always provide the best advice on how to use our energy-saving products. You will be amazed at what can be achieved when working with the best in the business.


Street Christmas Decorators – The Christmas Decorators