Light existing trees of all shapes and sizes

Our beautiful technique of branch wrapping is revered across the globe. We delicately follow the contours of both the major and minor branches to make the entire outline of a tree glow like magic. Our huge number of staff across the nation are all experts at this craft. Therefore, there is nobody better suited than us to create this bewitching combination of nature and lighting.

We couldn’t be prouder of the gorgeous LEDs that our technicians develop. Our stunning lights can be used for any colour scheme and we have even invented our own LEDs with the ability to change colour at the flick of a simple switch. With an RGB chip inside the casing, you can cycle through up to 12 different colours a whenever you wish. The lights can also be set to morph beautifully between all 12 colours over a cycle of several minutes.

You can keep your lights simple and static, or have them twinkle and move as the tree sways in the wind. Or starbursts of various sizes can be suspended from deciduous trees to create a twinkling display. Picture the awe on a child’s face when nature illuminates to show them the magic of Christmas.

We skilfully and discreetly wrap branches to ensure that lights can permanently remain on the tree throughout the year and won’t become visible until you decide to switch them on next Christmas. Our superb LEDs are unrivalled for longevity, losing just 5% of their brightness after 16,000 hours of use, meaning they can be used year after year.

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