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The Christmas Decorators are proud to work with some of the U.K’s biggest brands and businesses. From shopping centres, local authorities, retailers, hotels to special events. No Project is too big or small, below are just some of our real life case studies that we hope will inspire you.

Christopher Place

We have valued a long term relationship with Christopher Place shopping centre in St Albans, who requested a little more than Christmas decorations for Christmas 2018. They wanted to engage with their customers and create exposure in the local press and social media. The stores in the centre were high end brands and our brief was create a modern twist on a traditional Christmas but with an icy winter refill management love the idea of having a winter Wonderland theme throughout.

We decided to highlight the roofline architecture of the building with ice white E 27 bulbs and all features above the storefronts would be illuminated with ice white cluster lights the main feature was to be in the middle of the shopping centre where we would build the winter scene and provoke engagement.

We built a large display based upon an exterior white carpet. On it we created as a frosty sleigh and reindeer scene surrounded by white flocked Christmas trees in sizes ranging from 5 foot to 15 foot. Instead of a typical fibre glass reindeer with all of its details highlighted in various colours of paint. We choose to manufacture sleek highly polished modern deer, in all white. The sleigh was fabricated from steel and powder coated in white with gold runners.

A drawing competition was advertised around the town and its local school, encouraging children to post their entries into a festive post box, placed next to the winter scene, that we had manufactured from fibreglass. The prizes were a selection of gift cards donated by tenants of Christopher place. Visitors to the centre were then encouraged to enjoy the winter Wonderland scene and climb aboard the sleigh for photos and selfies with prizes offered from a draw of all the pictures posted on social media with the #ChristopherPlaceChristmas.

The day after we finished installation, Christopher Place produced a glossy video that was posted on social media to market the centre and its brands, with all their Christmas offerings.


The marketing team for booths supermarket sought us out after having been disappointed with their decorations the previous year. The head said the management had demanded better, and they came to the right place will stop like other brands with multiple locations, they couldn’t believe with such a mashers job could be possible in a matter of days.

After visiting our showroom a scheme’s devised to meet the brief. Our teams were then able to beautifully transform each and every one of the 30 stores in just two short days. During the installs we were given many compliments by both staff and customers with the management stating it was “The best Christmas ever!”

O2 Telefonica UK Ltd

We are the only specialist Christmas decorating company who combine all of the elements required to suit every lead at the retail sector at Christmas. From building exteriors to windows displays we can complete all areas of design and install across the whole of the UK within a short time frame, making goes the only company of our kind.

Mobile phone giant go to had previously taken up to 30 days to install fair Christmas VM requirements. Upon meeting us, o2 were surprised at our promise to finish every store in just three days. The company gave us a trial run of around 1/3 of their stores to see we could meet this target.

We completed the job as quickly as we promise. The following year, o2 were confident enough to allow us to decorate all 468 branches in their chain. Needless to say, we exceeded their expectations again by completing this nationwide job in a very short time scale.

The Botanist

The botanist is a restaurant chain that we have had the pleasure of decorating. Upon opening their location in Newcastle’s icon Monument Mall, they contacted several different decoration companies to attempt the ambitious design they wanted to create.

The plan was to attach lights to the concave interior of the enormous glass dome which adorns the top of the building, So the restaurant would be beautiful for diners below and the exterior of the Dome would shine across the city in a way befitting of such an incredible building.

Every company they had reached out to before said it would be impossible to achieve. We accepted the job immediately. Not only did we know that it would be possible to do, but we also knew it could be completed in a matter of days.

Our expert team took just two nights to complete the installation, working through the night so as not to impact trade. Since then, the lights have shone 24 hours a day.

We revel in achieving things that nobody else believes to be achievable. If something is physically possible, then we have the means to accomplish it. We will go to the upmost lengths to make sure our customers are extremely happy.

Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor casino’s presented us with the task that required their chain to be decorated in a short time frame, but with the added factor of having to work around their 24 hour a day operation.

The health, safety and security of their customers was of vital important while we worked. Minimising the disruption to their operation was of importance, and therefore, we set up a mock up at our head office showroom, to offer them the confidence that we were the best choice to carry out their installations. We worked around Grosvenor’s schedule across the nation to ensure that the job was completed efficiently and effectively.

The feedback from the client and their customers was fabulous and has led to a long term relationship.

Lichfield BID

The idea for our world famous Nutcracker trail came from a simple wish to vary the options Christmas decorations for town’s B.I.Ds. Everybody had seen the classic grottos and lighting before. Clients wanted to see something new, and we always want to challenge ourselves succeed expectations. Since we created this trail, it has been widely successful in countries right across Europe, and many locations in the UK.

The idea of the trail allows the nutcrackers to be spread throughout the streets of the town’s B.I.Ds the locations of which can be decided by the B.I.D themselves. The Nutcrackers don’t have to remain fixed in one place, they are they are easy to relocate to wherever you please.

Public engagement was central to the initial idea, so we created a competition where participants could win prizes donated by the B.I.D levy payers for finding and entering the names that were printed one to each of nutcrackers. We had a central hub to the proceedings where the completed competition slips could be placed into a giant post box manufactured by us. At this hub we involved the community favour by having local school choirs and dance groups entertain the crowds were Santa came along too!

The beauty of this scheme is it allows B.I.Ds to create a trail that can go wherever they please. The B.I.D levy payers located on the quieter street can be satisfied the Christmas trail is being brought in their direction when a nutcracker is placed next to, or inside their store windows. It is also excellent for local hotels and tourist information centres who can advertise the trail as an event to take part in for those visiting the town. Best of all, the community becomes engaged in the competition and can have fun days out all whilst interacting with their town’s decorations.

The Nutcracker trail truly allows everybody to get involved and become part of the Christmas celebrations.

Princess Square

Princes Square shopping centre in Glasgow presented us with a unique project for many years they had enjoyed a 30 foot tall Christmas tree in the main atrium. however the only area in which a tree of this size would fit was now planned for a bar with a seating area. this meant the use of floor space was not possible and the option of having a Christmas tree looking unlikely.

Whilst visiting our showroom the centre manager noticed how we had mounted a Christmas tree on a metal trunk and set us about the task of seeing if this could be an option.

After consulting with our head of fabrication and our in-store team we presented our design which was then implemented with Massive success. the 30 foot artificial tree was mounted on top of a steel construct a trunk of 15 feet or allowing the tree to be enjoyed from all shopping levels.

(Credit to Janis Blom, Managing Director  – Glasgow office)

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