Large Commercial Christmas Trees

Get The Wow Factor This Christmas

When it comes to large-scale commercial Christmas trees, The Christmas Decorators are your premier choice. We excel in designing and manufacturing these magnificent trees from scratch, tailored to your exact specifications. With our specialized metal fabrication department, we maintain complete control over the dimensions and budget, guaranteeing a final result that surpasses your expectations.

Our range of large display Christmas trees starts at an impressive 15ft tall, and we have the capability to manufacture trees as tall as 100ft or any size in between.

The style and look of the tree can be customized to achieve your desired aesthetic. For a traditional Christmas tree, we can wrap the metal frame with lush greenery, adorning it with warm white LED lights, red and gold baubles, and other classic ornaments. If you prefer a more modern and contemporary look, we can create an open frame lit tree.

With our expertise in manufacturing large commercial Christmas trees, The Christmas Decorators is your trusted partner to bring the grandeur of the season to your space. Whether you envision a traditional or contemporary design, we have the capabilities to create a remarkable centerpiece that will capture attention and spread joy throughout the holiday season.

For customers who are looking to make an impression, the latest LED technology can be used to create an innovative and interactive large scale Christmas tree. These relatively new LED’s are called pixels, and we can essentially make the face of any giant tree like a TV screen!

If space is an issue, we can come up with some great ideas that allow you to have a large scale Christmas tree installed.  At princess square in Glasgow, the management team were in the tough position of deciding whether or not to forfeit their commercialisation space for a large scale commercial Christmas tree.  We came up with the solution of mounting a 35ft tall cone shaped Christmas tree on top of a 15ft tall trunk.  The trunks diameter was 4ft wide allowing for the bar to be built around it, generating revenues for the centre.

We are specialists in manufacturing and installing, animated Large Christmas tree displays.  Any size, any style!  The tree is manufactured in the same process and a standard giant Christmas tree, but when it comes to lighting it we connect all the power through a computer controller.  The controller is then connected to an amplifier.  We can program the tree play a variety of animated sequences at your chosen times of the day.


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