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We have established ourselves as the leading provider of Christmas decorations for shopping centres across the UK. Our vast range of products and innovative designs have enabled us to capture a significant market share in recent years. With our national network of competent installation teams, overseen by experienced managing directors, we offer an unparalleled service that sets us apart from the competition.

Our process begins with a visit to your premises, where we take the time to understand your project requirements. We value your input and ideas, and our design team is always ready to offer their expertise and suggest creative concepts. Using computer-generated images and samples, we present you with a detailed proposal that brings your vision to life.

As part of our extensive offerings, we manufacture giant props and supply impressive decorations such as oversized bauble arrangements, majestic 10ft nutcrackers, and elegant reindeer sculptures. Additionally, we can provide trees of any size or shape to suit your shopping centre’s unique layout. Our commitment to innovation is evident in our range of unique lighting products, including color-changing LED lights, battery-powered lights for areas without electricity access, and our renowned interactive digital displays.

Whether you operate a small shopping arcade or a large designer outlet, we are excited to collaborate with you and make your shopping centre look extraordinary this Christmas. Trust The Christmas Decorators to transform your space into a captivating winter wonderland that will delight visitors, create a festive atmosphere, and leave a lasting impression.

Our Shopping Centre Case Studies


Upon securing Cheshire Oaks as a client for the first time, we were thrilled. We had been pursuing their business for a long time, and finally, we had it. We immediately started working on a proposal and creating computer images of the designs we had in mind for them.

Instead of just sending the images and hoping for the best, we decided to go the extra mile for the client. We called them and proposed to decorate a portion of the shopping centre one evening in April at no cost, to demonstrate exactly what we were capable of. We were confident that we only needed a few hours to showcase our skills to the senior management. Unsurprisingly, once the executives saw a preview of how stunning the entire outlet would look for the festive period, they were amazed.

Moreover, they were so impressed with our creativity and the quality of our work that, along with Cheshire Oaks, they asked us to decorate all their other locations across Europe.

Christopher Place

We have valued a long-term relationship with Christopher Place shopping centre in St Albans, who requested a little more than Christmas decorations for Christmas 2018. They wanted to engage with their customers and create exposure in the local press and social media. The stores in the centre were high-end brands and our brief was to create a modern twist on a traditional Christmas but with an icy winter refill management loved the idea of having a winter Wonderland theme throughout.

We decided to highlight the roofline architecture of the building with ice-white E 27 bulbs and all features above the storefronts would be illuminated with ice-white cluster lights the main feature was to be in the middle of the shopping centre where we would build the winter scene and provoke engagement.

We built a large display based on an exterior white carpet. On it, we created a frosty sleigh and reindeer scene surrounded by white flocked Christmas trees in sizes ranging from 5 ft to 15 ft. Instead of a typical fibreglass reindeer with all of its details highlighted in various colours of paint. We choose to manufacture sleek highly polished modern deer, in all white. The sleigh was fabricated from steel and powder-coated in white with gold runners.

A drawing competition was advertised around the town and its local school, encouraging children to post their entries into a festive post box, placed next to the winter scene, that we had manufactured from fibreglass. The prizes were a selection of gift cards donated by tenants of Christopher Place. Visitors to the centre were then encouraged to enjoy the winter Wonderland scene and climb aboard the sleigh for photos and selfies with prizes offered from a draw of all the pictures posted on social media with the #ChristopherPlaceChristmas.

The day after we finished installation, Christopher Place produced a glossy video that was posted on social media to market the centre and its brands, with all their Christmas offerings.

Princess Square

Princes Square shopping centre in Glasgow presented us with a unique project for many years they had enjoyed a 30 ft tall Christmas tree in the main atrium. However, the only area in which a tree of this size would fit was now planned for a bar with a seating area. this meant the use of floor space was not possible and the option of having a Christmas tree looked unlikely.

Whilst visiting our showroom the centre manager noticed how we had mounted a Christmas tree on a metal trunk and set us about the task of seeing if this could be an option.

After consulting with our head of fabrication and our in-store team we presented our design which was then implemented with Massive success. the 30 ft artificial tree was mounted on top of a steel-constructed trunk of 15 feet allowing the tree to be enjoyed from all shopping levels.

(Credit to Janis Blom, Managing Director  РGlasgow office)

National coverage with over 50 offices

We are the only Christmas decorating company in the UK that can offer national coverage managed by a dedicated local offices.

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